The difficulty of organising books


This is one of my bookshelves, December last year. It`s changed again, though the Harry Potter books are still in the same place. Almost everything else has moved. Several times. )=


If you`re anything at all like me, which I`ll assume you are for the sake of making writing this a bit easier for my easily-confused mind, but if you`re anything at all like me you`ll like books. You`ll probably own books. You`re even very likely to own a lot of books.

My own collection of books has unfortunately been halved a few years back, when I moved to a smaller room in a new student dorm, and I couldn`t fit in both of my book cases anymore. I mostly threw out college books and cooking books, but I think a couple of novels may have been lost as well.

However, lately, even though I only have the one book case left, my collection has been expanding immensely again. With the addition of at least one book each month, and that`s excluding presents, it`s safe to say I`m running out of book-space to put them. I`m resorting to piles in different places, like my desk, my CD case, and the bit of floor space between my book case and my bed. But all of those are filling up as well, so I`ve started stacking up books on top of other books on my shelves.

And all of that is not even really an issue in my mind. I see it as more of a challenge, a game of “where to put the books.”

What is becoming an issue in my, as previously mentioned, easily-confused mind, is how to organise all these books.

You see, I like systems. I especially like to use systems in the organisation of my book collection. The problem with this is that I want to use several systems at once.

I partially blame my first ever part-time job for this, which was at a library. The library had everything organised according to the following sections (from left to right according to the entrance): children’s (level A, B, or C), children’s informative, BIG LETTERS, Braille, novels, informative, magazines.

The “regular reading” books, which is everything outside of informative and magazines, was organised within sections by the author`s name. Informative sections were arranged according to genre.

This all makes sense, yes?

The problem is though, my bookcase wants to be an approximation of this, except more complicated: I want to keep children’s books together, but I also want everything by the same author together. But I also want everything sorted according to genre, so magic with magic, history with history, paperback with paperback.

You starting to see the pattern?

So, for example, I have ALL my Harry Potter books on the same shelf. Dutch, English, the extra books like Tales of Beedle the Bard, all of those are on the same shelf. I wanted to make it the “FAVOURITE BOOKS” shelf, but I like most of my books and they won`t all fit on one shelf. I also want to keep authors together, which means I`d have to put the Casual Vacancy on the same shelf, but I haven`t read it yet and I want to put that one with adults too, but I`m not even sure it`ll fit on the adults shelf.

Same goes for my books on Sherlock Holmes. I want to have everything Sherlock Holmes together, but I have a collected works book of the original stories that`s in the same style as my Grimm Tales book so I want to keep those together too because it looks prettier, but I also have another book by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, so I want to keep that one next to the Sherlock Holmes collection. But then there`s also The House of Silk, which is Sherlock Holmes, but by a different author. Plus Sherlock Holmes are technically adult, while the other books I have by Anthony Horowitz are children’s.

My conclusion to this very confusing story, is that my mind is a difficult place.

(My solution for the Sherlock Holmes dilemma so far has been to place the House of Silk on top of my Sherlock Holmes book and just trying not to stare at it  too often).

Does anyone have a good system for me, perhaps? Something that will reconcile all the different systems? Something that keeps in mind that my shelves are kind of narrow and weird and not everything fits on all shelves?

Or does anyone else have the same weird issues, or something similar? Let me know in the comments! I`d love to know what your book-organising-systems are. 

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