Book review: Warm Bodies (Isaac Marion)

Book title: Warm Bodies 
Author: Isaac Marion
rating: 4,5/5 stars

*I try to keep my reviews spoiler-free unless stated otherwise. Still, a spoiler might sneak in here and there, so this is my disclaimer 😉  let me know if you find anything you think I should take out? Thanks!


After the horrendous franchise that was Twilight, hearing something about a story with a zombie and a human falling in love made me very weary. I was expecting more Twilight-esque moments, with sappy descriptions, whiny teenagers, and badly written uninteresting plots, and I was fully intending on staying as far away from Warm Bodies as I could.

And then I saw the trailer for the upcoming movie adaption. It looked absolutely amazing, funny, and smart. So when I came across the book in Aachen last week, I couldn`t help but buy it.

I didn`t get around to reading it until last Sunday though, when I was on the train for several hours. And guess what? That same evening, I finished it. The entire book, read in one day. I barely even noticed driving past the stations on the train, because I was too engrossed.

Because I finished it so fast, (and because I`m trying to avoid spoilers) I`m not sure if I`ll do it the justice it deserves, but I`m going to try anyway.

So was it really that good?

Well, yes. It was entertaining, funny, smart, everything I wanted it to be but nothing like I expected it to be. And what I definitely didn`t expect: it made me think. It made me think about what a zombie world would really be like once the big dramatic starts are over and everyone has adapted. It made me think about how it could even get so far in the first place.

Still, I do have some comments. Because while it starts out as essentially a comedy, the book does turn more serious slowly. And that`s fine, I didn`t mind that part.

What I did mind though, was some of the other strange twists and turns the plot made. I know it`s a book on zombies, but it sometimes turned a bit too incredulous and, dare I say it, too convenient. Things were just a bit too everything. It`s all part of the story and all, but it just ticked me off a bit.

It was also all really quite predictable. While the synopsis of the story was very original, and the specifics like the conversations, the humour, the details of the zombie disease and the history of it were very well thought out, the story itself is still very predictable.

Still though, it made for a very good light, entertaining read. I loved R`s way of thinking, and his ongoing conversation with Perry. Julie is also a very likeable character, and I am definitely looking forward to how they turned this book into a movie.

In the meantime (the film isn`t released here until April 25), I`ll keep an eye out for the sequel, as the author has already announced he is working on it.

So overall, I do definitely recommend this book, but only if you`re capable of looking past predictable storylines and don`t expect too much of it. If you just want something quick to read, and/or you like zombies, romance, or both, this is just the book for you. 


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