Short story: little party bat


So today I was at work at the bookstore, and there were almost no customers, the mail service was out of order, and my boss made me put away the magazine I was reading because he thinks it doesn`t look good for an employee to be reading. (Apparently, he much prefers me staring ahead of me vacantly.)

So instead, I started writing. I have about 7 note papers here filled with short stories, notes, campnano notes, and what I`m going to eat next week. One of the stories I wrote, is a short story on party bat.

I probably really shouldn`t be putting this story out here. It`s childish (aimed at children….sort of? I`m just a kid, I guess), it`s bad, it`s oh-god-what-is-this-I-don`t-even.

But I`m going to post it anyway, because. Because.

So, enjoy? It`s really short, at least?

The story of the little bat

One day there was a little bat. This bat liked parties a lot. All those colours and all that glitter, the bat enjoyed it so much! But at those parties, the humans were always afraid of the little bat. They would always start screaming, when all he wanted to do was dance with them.

So the little bat had a thought. Maybe, if he dressed up nicely, the people would not think of him as scary anymore and he`d be allowed to party with them! And so the little bat decided to cover his entire body in glitter.

But oh no! Now the other bats were laughing at him!

The little bat wasn`t sure anymore what he should do now. He decided to sleep on it for one night. So the little bat, with all his glitter, went and found a nice dark spot in a cave and fell right asleep there. But one night turned into a whole winter, and the little bat didn`t wake up until the flowers started blooming again outside. The sun was now shining for so long, that even at night the bat`s glitters were still shining!

The other bats decided they did actually kind of like this, after the darkness of the caves, so they threw a party themselves.

Finally, the little bat had found a place where he could party without any being afraid of him.


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