Camp NaNo: prelude to my story

It`s not cheating if it`s just a prelude that might not even be included in the actual story, right? RIGHT?

Anyway, I had a bit of a panic attack earlier tonight, which was followed by a several-hours-long anxiety attack that`s only now starting to wane off. So after watching shitloads of YouTube videos, and then writing a 1200+ word post on the anxiety and on YouTube (a post I won`t be posting here as it`s just a very large rant), I ended up writing a short prelude to my story for Camp NaNo, which I`ll be joining next month in april.

For those of you that are also joining: on the right of this page there`s a lovely camp nano button that will lead you to my account there.

Now as for the story that I`ll be writing: I`m not sure yet if this should be counted as “fanfic” or “AU” or “plain nonsense” or something else altogether, so for now I`m sticking to “fairytale with original and non-original characters”. You`ll see what I mean in a bit.

This prelude in particular is a test for me, a way of getting into the world and the characters, get a feel for them and their way of living before all hell breaks loose (and Hel would like to point out here it`s not her or her father`s fault, thankyouverymuch).

So here`s a very, very short piece that might give you a small inclination as to what my story is going to be like, and why it`s going to be SO MUCH FUN to write.

Title: as of yet untitled
Author: kojitmal / to-the-lake-of-stars
Characters: Loki, Pitch Black, Rapunzel, mentions of Flynn and Sleipnir

Disclaimer: While the actual story in April will have some original characters, the characters in this prelude are not mine, nor will I claim them to be. Loki does not really belong to anybody, though Marvel/Disney get an honorary mention. Pitch Black belongs to William Joyce and to Dreamwork Animation, this specific Rapunzel and the song belong to Disney, as does Flynn, and Sleipnir apparently belongs to Odin who is UBERGOD and does not belong to anybody ever except his wife.
I also don`t make any money off of them. Would if I could, but alas.



“I`ve got a dream! I`ve got a dream! Like everybody else I`ve got a dream!”

Loki grumbled at the cheery voice passing through the castle. Sometimes he wondered why he let the girl stay in his castle again. (And then Pitch would drop by and remind Loki of how nobody ever realises how Rapunzel and Flynn are on their side, giving them a lot of advantages.)

Speaking of the devil. Or at least the bogeyman. There he was, taking care of his night mares outside. Loki thought they were beautiful creatures, those night mares. Besides, Sleipnir seemed to have taken quite the liking to them too. One in particular seemed to have caught his interest – something which both Loki and Pitch thought to be very amusing and endearing. Sometimes Loki wondered what kind of offspring an eight-legged semi-god horse and a night mare would produce. It would undoubtedly be delightfully evil. And possibly very ugly. It also made Loki remember that that would make him a grandfather, something he did not think he was ready for quite yet.

Loki smiled when Pitch looked up at his window and waved. He raised a hand in greeting, before turning back inside. His stomach was rumbling. Time to go see what the kitchens had been cooking up today.

The corridor leading up the kitchen was one of Loki`s favourite places within the castle. There was something nice about the calm corridor, with the reassuring smell of food always wafting from underneath the big doors, combined with the sound of the cooks working and chatting away. Something about the corridor reminded Loki of his youth, of sneaking into the kitchens of the castle in Asgard, Thor at his side. Back when the days were good, he felt loved and like he belonged.

He didn`t miss those days though. Too much had transpired since. And besides, he had his own castle now, one he very much liked, and that was filled with other people and creatures he liked. Pitch was here, after all, with his night mares. Rapunzel was here, with her now short brown hair, Flynn tagging along happily. And like them a lot of other creatures and gods were here, and things were good.

No one really bothered them, they had enough people on their side to keep them all fed and comfortable. Loki had a good sense of belonging here, and he quite liked it like this.

He opened the doors of the kitchen, letting the warmth from the fires and the full smell of the food wash over him for a moment before continuing inside. There was a plate of blueberries on one of the large tables. He put some in a bowl, added a couple of slices of bread, thanked the cooks (who all smiled and waved at him) and made his way outside.

Outside, Pitch was now playing around with two of his night mares. Loki looked at them from a small distance, eating the occasional blueberry or piece of bread from his bowl while leaning against one of the trees.

Yes, life was good.

Now if only those dark clouds over the mountains would actually stay there.

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