Geektastic talk: Superheroes


Just now, I saw the Marvel Facebook page update with a post about Halle Berry joining the cast of the new X-Men movie.

As one of my friends can attest, as she had the great misfortune of being on Skype chat at that same time, I started flailing like insane. I absolutely love the X-Men movies, always have, and I probably always will.

Even back when I was a wee little girl, I already used to love series like the X-Men and Spider-Man. I watched the cartoons, and I have definitely always loved the movies, though I`ve never been one for reading comics. I remember we had the video of The Amazing Spider-Man, which my mother had had to buy, her head shaking in disbelief at her little daughter squealing and hugging the video. It must have been an odd sight, this one superhero amidst all the children`s movies.

And even though I do have difficulty remembering plots and characters (I`m really bad at remembering those. I watched a LOT of stuff, okay, you try remembering everything when you followed 5 series, watched several movies and read 5 books each week for years), I do still remember that love for all of it.

I remember how, as a young girl, I always wanted to be Storm. She was one of my favourites. Like her, I wanted to be able to control the weather. I mean, how awesome is that? Later, I`d come to love other characters like Wolverine and Spider-Man as well. I loved how kick-ass they all were, and wanted to be like them too.

And now that I`m a 23-year-old university graduate? I haven`t changed in that aspect, at all. It`s just that now I have the money (well, not really, but you get my point) and the freedom to act upon this love for the characters. And although I still don`t read the comics – they`re just not my thing – I do have all the X-Men movie DVD`s,  have all the Avengers (save for the actual Avengers movie. Darn this lack of a job!), used to have all the Spider-Man movies although those have been lost in moving house several times, unfortunately.

They`re added to the collection with the Star Trek movie, Serenity, the Matrix, Sherlock Holmes, you name it. Movies are added to the collection all the time. But I always keep going back to the X-Men. There`s even a small Wolverine figurine that has faithfully travelled with me through several houses and is now keeping guard of my X-Men DVD`s.

So imagine the amount of flailing when I just now found out there`s a new X-Men movie coming. And better yet: it`s one with the casts of both the old trilogy and the First Class movie! A fangirl`s dream come true indeed.

But I can foresee problems on this amazing fangirl horizon, as they`re the same ones that pop up all the time.

I can already imagine the amount of crap I`m going to get for liking all the new movies and adaptions. But you know what? I love the new movies. I love the style, I love the insane grandeur of the battles, I love the sheer amount of thought that goes into these movies, the work, the detail. I love the modern problems the movies present us with, how they make us think about what our own society is turning into, and how all of us can sort of play the role of a superhero in our own way. They inspire us to be better people, to make the world a slightly better place.

And although I`m aware a lot of “real fans” will not consider me one of them because I 1)love the new movies and 2) don`t read the comics, and of course, 3) I`m a girl, but I`m not about to let it stop me from loving these movies to bits. I like the excitement that comes with having no clue what`s going to happen, precisely because I didn`t read the comics. I like the excitement of great visual effects, stunning computer graphics, and I love the grand explosions.

So forgive me for not caring about your problems with me. Go rant about them somewhere else. I`m not listening anyway. I`m way too busy flailing about the new Iron Man next month, the new Thor later this year, the new Captain America, the new X-Men, the new Star Trek. I am incredibly excited about every single one of these. I`m excited to see what`s going to happen with these characters, and I am excited to go on this incredible journey with them, a journey I`ll never make myself because unfortunately I live in reality, and not in this great fictional world where people get superpowers and save other people. And I am excited to let them inspire me again, to let them allow me this look into their world, their thoughts, their actions, and learn from them.

And I hope there will be much more movies like this yet to come (although I`m not sure if my heart will be able to handle all the excitement).

Peace out, folks.

For a much more eloquent essay on why superhero movies are great, read this piece by Tom Hiddleston:

Here`s the message on the Marvel website that caused me to write this monstrosity:

(Top picture courtesy of Marvel, source being the same link as the article ^ )

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