Sports: running

As I discussed before, I`m on a type of quest to improve my health. My health is very important to me, yet I`ve been neglecting it, and I can notice it in everything: my mood is horrible, my skin is horrible, my stomach is acting horrible. Overall, there`s a lot that needs improving.

Although I`ve been working on getting my food back on track again (I`ve been sidetracking into sugar again, which isn`t good), I figured it`s time for the next step: exercise. After all, exercise is a vital part in being healthy, and you can diet all you want, you won`t get exactly where you want to be without exercise.

Well. Rather, my housemates figured exercise was a good idea, and I just kind of invited myself.

See, thing is, I`d been sort-of-exercising when I remembered it and felt like it, which wasn`t all that often lately. So when my housemates said “we`re going running together”, I said “awesome. I`m joining you.” Luckily, they replied to that with an “okay”.

So we`ve got our running shoes and our sports clothes and our safety measures. We`re planning running schedules that work around 3 different schedules yet are still suitable for beginners who want to get fit.

But today, I felt like running already, so I went running. Sort of, at least. It was largely walking with short bouts of running in between. But it was still good. I did feel the strain, not being used to running AT ALL, but – aside from doing better warm-ups the next time – I thought I did pretty okay for a first time ever.

So here`s to hoping that running is a new hobby, and of course hopefully I`ll see some results in a couple of months time. I can definitely do without those extra kilograms.

Now to just stay away from the snacks. Anyone have any tips for that other than “don`t buy snacks” and “eat fruit instead”? I`d love to hear them. 

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