Interlude: on new video`s and books

Somewhere last week, the video editing software I was using crashed, and I haven`t managed to get it started again. Admittedly, I was quite dramatic about this for a while, and then I started getting over it and thought “oh well, just a new challenge for me then!”.

Later that week, I opened Windows Movie Maker to try out some other things, and found out that cutting a video is actually rather easy in it. I feel like such a failure for not realising this and being such a drama queen. But either way, I`ll be back at making video`s soon! I have several video`s lined up, some of them need filming and editing and the whole process, others just need cutting and editing, but they will hopefully start coming in again. 

In other news, I`m still reading this book, The Measure Of All Things, by Ken Alder. It`s really interesting. After all, no one ever really stops to think about how everyday things like the metric system even came to be here, so finding out there were years and years of struggle during a time of revolution is really interesting. Also, the author has a tendency to be quite dramatic at times, with things like: “Had I stumbled, amid all these dusty calculations, on a scandal of intrigue and deception? Reading through these letters, I began to realize that I had discovered something much more interesting: a tale of scientific error and the agonizing choices it forced upon men and women of integrity.” Those definitely amused me when reading. 

It`s a bit slower read than some of the books I read before this though, which means I`m going to have to do some catching up once I finish it, to get back on schedule.

In between this book, I`ve also started reading Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, by Lewis Caroll. I thought Alice in Wonderland was mostly just okay, though I`m loving Through the Looking-Glass so far.

 If you`re wondering about reviews by the way, I`m thinking of doing one vlog each month to talk about the best books I read that month. I keep track of exactly which book I read when, so sometime at the end of the month I`ll get back to you on which book I liked best. 

Next books coming up will probably be these, though I do tend to change around quite a bit: 

“The House of Silk” by Anthony Horowitz
“The Book of Marvels – An Explorer`s Miscellany” by Mark Collins Jenkins
“Game of Thrones” by George R.R. Martin


So that`s my general heads-up! Keep watching this blog for more posts on random things I find or want to talk about, and make sure you go watch my youtube videos ( and follow me on Twitter (@kojitmal). 

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