Love so sweet~

As tomorrow is Valentine`s Day, I figured I`d jump on the bandwagon and write about it here as well.

I originally planned to do a video, but then I encountered some…technical difficulties, that I have yet to resolve, so here`s a blogpost instead. Just a heads up: I do have a plan for upcoming video`s, but I`m going to forfeit the one I had planned for this week. I need to do work out some things anew first. There will be video`s! Just not this week, and they will not be edited.

So yeah, Valentine`s. As someone who has never had a relationship (no really. I once had a boyfriend. For two weeks. When I was 16. And that`s it. Let`s just say I get friendzoned quite a bit), I don`t really have much personal experience with the actual romantic side of Valentine`s, and have only ever gotten to witness it from the commercial, cheesy side.

To be honest, my opinion about the festival is both “I don`t like it”, “I don’t mind” and “I like it” at the same time.

Let me explain.

“I don`t like it”, because I – just like 90% of the single population of the world, it seems – think it`s over-commercialised. Somehow, like most other holidays, Valentine`s has ended up being largely about spending a lot of money on the person you love. However, I think that spending money does not prove anything. I honestly believe that if you want to show your loved one you, well, love them, there are lots and lots of ways to do so without buying the standard teddy bear and chocolate. You could cook them a nice dinner, give them a book they`ve wanted to read for ages, make anything yourself, really. Just make sure it means something. A box of chocolate with a pink ribbon ready bought at a store? Nice, I guess, (though it wouldn`t do much for me), but going out of your way to make a sugar-free chocolate cake with walnuts, because you know she likes walnuts but doesn`t eat sugar? That`s much better already.
I also don`t like it because it tends to reinforce the feeling of loneliness in me. I will admit I`m a bit bitter about this day. It doesn`t help that those few times I got a Valentine`s card, it turned out to be a joke from my sister`s friends. Just try being positive about Valentine`s if all personal experience with the day turned out to be a joke. It doesn`t do anything to your feeling of being loved, besides crushing that feeling like a grape.

Still, “I don`t mind”, because while I do think it`s over-commercialised, I also think it`s a nice idea to show that one person how much you love them. Now of course, you should do this more often than just this one day each year, but it doesn`t hurt to show it anyway. This is possibly one of the only days each year where you can be all soppy and mushy in public, and it`s accepted. You should use that chance (even if just so you can stop being all lovey-dovey in front of people on other days).

“I like it”, because as down-to-earth as I may be, as non-romantic as I may behave 99% of the time, I definitely have that girly, romantic side. I mean come on, I read fanfiction, for crying out loud. I like the idea of two people in love getting together, or celebrating being together. Makes me all fuzzy inside. Love can be a beautiful thing, and it deserves to be celebrated. While I do think our society puts a bit too much pressure on people to have a relationship, causing a lot of people to be a relationship for the sake of being in a relationship, I do still love it when people are genuinely in love and want to be together.
I also like it because, while it does make me feel more lonely now, it also gives me hope that maybe, one day, I do get to celebrate this from the more romantic side of life, together with someone who will hopefully actually want to spend it with me. And that thought kind of keeps me hopeful through these lonely days.

And that, is how I have three different opinions of the same day.

To be honest though, in the end I am going to be glad when it`s over. Even if just because all the pink and the hearts everywhere hurt my eyes.


(To those of you wondering: the (extremely cheesy) title for this blogpost comes from the  following (beyond extremely cheesy) song, that I actually really kind of like. It`s that same side of me that likes fanfiction that also likes these songs, okay. )

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