I need help

Hey guys! 

So I had planned on uploading a new video like, yesterday. As you might have noticed, it`s not here yet. 

The reason for this is because I was working on a free version of Adobe Premiere Pro (2.0), that they put up for grabs on their website. It worked fine for a while, though it did take some getting used to. 

But yesterday, it crashed, and I haven`t managed to get it to start working again. 

Effectively, I am out of video editing software. 

When I started, I used a 30-day free trial version of Magix. Obviously, I ran out of trial days and had to either upgrade or  find something else. Since I`m currently jobless, and thus really can`t afford to buy the software, I went on a search for something else. 

That was when Adobe came along with the free downloads on their website, but like I said, that one`s run out as well, and I am really kind of stuck now. 


So please, anyone, if you know of any video editing software that I can get for free, and that works for longer than one month, please let me know. If I want to make this YouTube thing work, I`m going to need better editing software, and I need your help for that. 

Leave me a comment here if you know something, or send me an e-mail at realkojitmal@gmail.com. 


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