Oh look, I`m still here!

Oh wow, I am absolutely horrible at keeping up a blog, aren`t I. I swear I`m much more consistent in updating my vlog, and even better at Twitter.

So, please accept my humble apologies for not posting any updates like, ever. I try! Sort of…

But yeah, since the last blog post I`ve uploaded several videos, the latest of which I`ve linked to in this post.

Thing is though: life has been busy. For someone who is technically without a proper job, I`m ridiculously busy. To sum it up: I have about 3 part-time sort-of jobs, my vlog, my nanowrimo novel, an equally huge fic I`m writing for one of my friends` birthday, job hunting, I`m studying Japanese again for JLPT N1, and every now and then I have some resemblance of an actual social life.

Still, I do realise this is no excuse for my lack of updates.Which means that I`m going to try and update more often again, and you can all feel free to kick me in the arse if I fail to!

In the meantime though, feel free to subscribe to my vlog, as I have loads of ideas planned for fun new videos! Ideas are ranging from a Beginner`s Guide to Steampunk, to a Valentine video, to even a stop-motion origami thing (expected sometime this summer, at the rate I`m going).

I also do Twitter (@kojitmal), so if you really want to keep updated about my life, go follow that.

As you might know if you`ve been following my videos already, I`m doing a bookclubthing, for which I`ve already read the entire Hunger Games trilogy (by Suzanne Collins), Uglies (by Scott Westerfeld), and Harry Potter Film Wizardry. I`m currently working my way through two somewhat heavier reads, namely Les Miserables (by Victor Hugo) and The Measure of All Things (by Ken Alder).

If you want to join me, to discuss books or leave recommendations or just flail about reading in general, leave a comment! I`m a bit better at responding to comments than I am at making actual blog posts, so you should all leave comments đŸ˜‰

So I guess there`s no real point to this blog post, save for a “hey I`m still alive” kind of thing. Hopefully I`ll post more again in the upcoming weeks, so keep an eye out for that! =)

And I`ll catch you all later!

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