Vlog #6: Becoming Youtube video response

Beware: thinking-while-typing-kind-of-sentences ahead, which may or may not make any sense.
(And yes, I`m skipping a few videos. The only reasons for that is that I`m 1)too lazy, and 2)they don`t really need that much extra explanation anyway.)

There`s a new phenomenon on the rise, and it`s called Becoming Youtube. It`s a 12 part “documentary” series about YouTube, made by Benjamin Cook, with one episode being released onto YouTube (nearly) every week, provided Benjamin Cook doesn`t forget about the fact a week consists of 7 days instead of 20. I don`t think anybody minds, don`t worry, the quality of the videos more than makes up for the lateness of them.

I first got to know about this series through one of my favourite YouTubers: Charlie McDonnell, who tweeted the trailer.
Now, four episodes in, I can honestly say I absolutely love this series. It`s funny, clever, well thought out, slightly sarcastic (okay, very sarcastic), thought provoking, and just all around awesome.

In one of the Becoming Youtube XXXtra videos on Benjamin Cook`s second channel (ninebrassmonkeys2), viewer counts were discussed. And this is what my video response was about. Viewer counts.

It seems like such a trivial thing, doesn`t it? Just numbers on a page. Yet they`re the centre point of a lot of discussions. Do they matter? Should they matter? Why do we all care so much anyway?

Although I can`t speak for other people (you should watch the video for opinions of Crazy Internet Famous People), I do know that personally, I like to be able to compare numbers. It`s like Alex Day said in a comment: comparing viewer counts on YouTube is like comparing results on the Xbox. It`s just nice to be able to see how you are doing, how your friends are doing, and if everyone`s doing well.

I guess it`s the same way people like to compare test results, or even income. Or maybe I`m just too curious for my own good? Because I know that I, for one, am interested in all of those things, though I know there are people around who don`t really care about other people`s results.

Should that mean viewer counts should be dismissed though? Or are they in the end still a way to measure success? Do higher viewer counts equal more popularity, and does that in itself equal being a better, more quality YouTuber?

I think not. I think that just because you have high viewer counts does not mean you`re a good YouTuber per se. I mean, the first video to cross one billion views is Psy`s Gangnam Style, which although entertaining enough isn`t exactly highly sophisticated quality entertainment.

But that`s okay. I think there`s a difference between a good YouTuber and an entertaining YouTuber. But that difference is not necessarily a bad thing, nor does it mean a YouTuber can`t be both at the same time. Besides, everyone`s personal definitions of what they think is “good” or “quality” or “entertaining” differs anyway, so that kind of renders this whole point moot. If everyone`s opinions are different, how are we ever going to reach an actual consensus after all.

But that`s okay as well. It`s what makes the world fun: different types of people, different opinions, different types of humour. It makes the world interesting and fun and it allows for discussions like these that can run on endlessly.

So I guess what I`m trying to say in this extremely non-coherent mess of a blogpost, is that although I might not have figured out things for myself exactly just yet, although I haven`t sorted out my own thoughts, what I do know right now is that I like the discussion. I like seeing the different opinions, even if they confuse the hell out of me as well, and I like mulling them over in my head in an attempt at reaching my own conclusion.

And that`s exactly what it will be once I figure things out: my own conclusion, and by no means the end of a discussion. Because please, do continue the discussion. I love it.

Did this make any sense? I think this falls under the “my thoughts are stars I can`t fathom into constellations” category, apologies for that.

Anyway, thanks for reading if you`re still here, and feel free to go over to my YouTube channel (youtube.com/realkojitmal) and watch my other videos as well!

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