Recently, I have been developing what seems to be a new habit: discover a vlog on YouTube, watch some of the recent videos, like them, and then scroll all the way down on their channel to their first video.

I think, what I like about those very first videos, whether they`re 2 years ago or 5 or 6 years ago or maybe even longer, either way there`s always such a huge difference in style, quality, topics, everything. You can go through all the videos and actually witness how people grow and develop and it just really interests me.

It also helps me get a bit more courage to try to vlog myself. I am still working on getting video editing software that is both free and not windows movie maker, but unfortunately my computer has decided to completely freak out when I tried to install adobe premiere pro.

So if anyone has any tips on video editing software, video editing in general, and/or vlogging, please share them with me so I can branch out!


EDIT: I have now created some linked accounts for my not-yet-existant vlogging…thing…. including here on wordpress!

So, follow/subscribe on:

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